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Capital for Enterprise Ltd presents the activities of the company in the form of an Annual Report and Accounts:-

Annual Report and Accounts for 2010-11

Annual Report and Accounts for 2011-12

Annual Report and Accounts for 2012-13

Note that the schemes for which CfEL has oversight are on the relevant organisation's balance sheet, and are not to be found within CfEL's Report and Accounts.

CfEL's General Presentation (Feb 2013), opens in PDF in new window)

The Summary Business Plan outlines our business plan for April 2011 to March 2014.

Capital for Enterprise's Information Charter provides details about our requirements and use of personal information and our promises in return.

Capital for Enterprise's Complaints Policy outlines our policy, procedures and contact details in the event of a complaint being made.

The Framework Agreement sets out the broad framework within which the company operates.

The Company's compliance with the UK Government's transparency requirements can be found in the tab on this page.